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Intercourse Needs to Continue Until Ejaculation

Male challenge of coming also soon ends male enjoyment. Women phony orgasm to accelerate intercourse. The demands of reproduction.

Women’s Orgasm Claims Do Not Result in More Sex

Intercourse regularities depend only on male sex drive. So a lady’s excitement has little to do with it. Women boast about climax to get attention.

Women Are Often Unsure About Orgasm During Sex

Researchers are male & think climax with an enthusiast need to be very easy. Females tend to defer to males’s competence. The taboo of confessing an absence of climax.

Women Are Naturally Sexually Passive With a Lover

Ladies accept intercourse since they are less competent. A lady can just reply to male initiative. A lot of excitement in any experience is launched by guys.

How We Know That Women Do Not Have a Sex Drive

A sex drive is a substantial desire that originates from having an erection. Penetrative sex brings high threat & low reward for women. Women are clearly unaware of the nature of sex drive.

Sex Drive: A Need to Ejaculate Through Intercourse

A libido arises from the reactions of our very own body. Guys are incentivized to engage in sexual intercourse. A libido is always to be the penetrator.

Men’s Sexual Satisfaction Relies on Having a Lover

Males are aroused leading by the schedule of an enthusiast. Guy require sexual launch because they are aroused by an enthusiast. Women accept males’s need for release with intercourse.

Intercourse Is Totally Defined by Male Responses

Males are aroused in expectancy of sex. Only males can launch sexual intercourse. The timing of a climax is unpredictable.

Intercourse Is an Act of Mating & Impregnation

Prolonged propelling is regular of mammals. Hand-operated get in touches with, foreplay & penetrative sex. Some males enjoy the turn-on of sexual activity.

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