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The Internal Anatomy Involved in Reproduction

Wolffian ducts turn into the male reproductive body organs. Müllerian air ducts turn into the female reproductive organs. There is a single static egg yet several small mobile sperm.

The Female Erectile Sex Organ (or Phallus)

The sex body organ creates from the genital tubercle. A sex body organ is likewise internal to the body & is erectile. The corpora caverosa are within the inner clitoral body organ.

The Male Erectile Sex Organ (or Phallus)

The penis has 3 different functions. Males are inordinately happy with their penis. The penis has a shaft which contains the corpora cavernosa.

Human Sexual Anatomy and Development

The interior reproductive organs. The phallus is an erectile sex body organ. Sexual differentiation.

Lesbianism Focuses on Longer-Term Relationships

Some lesbians are trying to find political recognition. Alignment does not affect responsiveness. Ladies are typically uninformed of their positioning.

Male Homosexuality Focuses on Casual Sex

Frowned on over anal sex. No person can alter their sex or positioning. Gay guys can be very promiscuous.

Orientation Is Defined by Who We Are Attracted to

Gays are no different to anyone else. Ladies focus on friendship & love. Guy emphasis on stimulation & penetrative sex.

How We Know Someone Has Had an Orgasm

Orgasm is a basic physiological feedback of the human body. We can not anticipate the timing of a climax. Orgasm is a repeatable experience.

Characteristics of Low Responsiveness

Women delight in sharing caring companionship. Females like sex within lasting partnerships. Females are not sexually aggressive with a fan.

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