The Top 7 Best Hot sex positions for Mind Blowing Oral sex (Beyond just 69)

The Top 7 Best Hot sex position for mind Blowing Oral sex

1. The 69
The 69 oral sex position requires you and your partner to align yourselves on top of each other in opposite directions, giving you each prime access to each other’s genitals. “Many find the dual pleasure incredibly erotic,” says Cline.
Usually one partner lies on their back and the other lies atop them with their knees straddling the other person’s head. No matter your gender or anatomy, the 69 is a great oral sex position for women, plus those who are interested in blowjobs positions.
However, this position isn’t without its (solvable) downsides. “The 69 position is actually trash for many people,” Sweet says. “It can be very uncomfortable to hold the position, and it can be very distracting to both give and receive at the same time!”
Because of this, some couples explore this position by lying on their sides and facing their partner’s genitals, which Cline says gives your neck a break. Or they do the 68, a variation of the 69 where your partner lies on their back as you lie on your back on top of them with your crotch in their face. From that angle, you can tease your partner with controlled movements of your genitals through pressure, rhythm and depth.
2. Sit & Kneel
You sit; they kneel. Whether you try it to give a blowjob or stimulate a clitoris, the sitting oral sex position involves the receiver sitting with their pelvis at the edge of a chair, couch, bed, kitchen counter or any comfortable surface while the giver kneels down and pleases them orally.
To make this position more comfortable, the giver can put a pillow beneath their knees. And on the receiving end, people with vulvas can place their foot or leg on their partner’s shoulder to provide a deeper all-access pass to their genitals.
AASECT-certified and board-certified sexologist Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, says an upside of this position is “it also allows for a lot more mobility of both hands, so a spare hand can fondle the testicles or stimulate the vagina”—or partners can maximize each other’s oral pleasure with internal or external sex toys for couples.
3. On Your Stomach
While you lie on your stomach, spread your legs and arch your hips slightly so your partner can orally pleasure you from behind. (A pillow can help!) This oral sex position caters to people with vulvas, and you also have free range to pleasure yourself with toys or your hands at the same time. It’s also great for rim jobs. Because the giver isn’t arching, elevating, or extending their butt, this is a bit more comfortable than doggy style, but they can still access the same parts of the receiver’s body.
4. The Classic
Just lie back and take it. A perfect and comfortable oral sex position for people with penises or vulvas, this one is simple and straightforward: Lie back on a comfortable surface (typically a bed or couch) while your partner lies on their stomach in between your legs and pleases you.
“The position is great because it provides a lot of comfort for the giver and the receiver,” Cline says, adding that you can place a pillow under your hips to provide easier access to the parts you want to be stimulated. Feel free to bend your knees, keep them flat on the bed, or wrap them around your partner’s head.
5. Giraffe
There are different names for this oral sex position, but here’s how to do it: One partner lies on their back with their head going slightly over the edge of the bed. The other partner stands over them, leaning forward so their crotch sits directly on the bottom partner’s mouth.
You can try this facing your partner’s body or face, but you might want to access the rest of their body for a sexy view and the ability to please them.
This may not be the best blowjob position for the giving partner as it’s not very neck-friendly, but you can easily make it one if the top partner lowers the penis into their partner’s mouth. Or if the bottom partner has a penis too, the top partner can suck them off at the same time, turning this upside-down position into 69.
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